Yes! It's a great value and it is Panola College’s policy that all designated Campus Residents purchase a meal plan each semester. Commuters or part-time students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but many students find it easier to stay on campus for meals. Non-resident students can buy a block meal plan through the Business Office, purchase Pony Bucks or pay cash for meals at Charlie's Bistro. Faculty, staff, or community members are also welcome to purchase Pony Bucks through the Business Office.

Absolutely! Pony Bucks are recommended for anyone who is not a traditional student, since you load them on your ID and can purchase blocks as you need them. You’re also welcome to come in to any of the campus dining locations and buy meals without a meal plan.

Exchange meals are included with residential dining plans. During the semester, a block meal for the Café may be exchanged for a designated combination meal at Charlie's Bistro.

Pony Bucks are a declining balance system; you can add to your balance at any time during the semester in increments of $25, then use them like cash to purchase meals, snacks, or drinks. They are valid at Café Panola and will be accepted at Charlie's Bistro. Convenient ID-based tracking means there is no fumbling with cash or extra cards. Plus, if you buy them during the promotional period, you get bonus bucks—for a $50 block, you receive $5 in bonus Pony Bucks. (That’s 10% free!) You can use them for your own meals or to treat a friend or family member.

Pony bucks purchased for Faculty & Staff and Community plans roll over. Student meal plan Pony Bucks expire at the end of each semester.

Block meals may be used during the semester in which are purchased. They do not carry over from semester to semester.

Yes! You can add Pony Bucks to an existing meal plan or purchase Pony Bucks at any time during the semester. Pony Bucks are valid at the Café and at Charlie's Bistro.

If you live off-campus, you can purchase a traditional meal plan through the Business Office. You can also purchase Pony Bucks without a meal plan.